Thursday, July 5, 2012

Justice Department wants the facts. Their way.

So the justice department gets pissed off at Texas (the Great State Of) because Texas has the audacity (not of hope, but of reality) to seek to remove fraudulent, dead, illegal and duplicate voters from the voter rolls. You know, Democrats.

Anyhoo -

So the Justice Department hires (actually a no-bid contract, so anoints is closer to the truth) a data firm to ensure that the people being removed from the rolls are being purged fairly and accurately. As always, an Eric Holder justice department is the justice department of the people, and not the justice department of the Democratic party. Right. (okay - play along, I can't make this seem all dramatic if you keep reading ahead!)
Let's take a look at the unbiased, politically neutral, no axe to grind, independent, academic, scientific, pure, wholesome and honest folks over at "Catalist", the chosen firm of the Democr.... I mean justice department.

Client Listing:

  • Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

  • Democratic Governors Association

  • Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

  • Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee


  • Texas Democratic Trust

  • Vermont Democratic Party

  • Obama for America

  • Maine Democratic Party

  • Arizona Democratic Party

  • Surely that is just an error, and there is a Republican or two in there? Nope.

    Surely that is just an error, and at least there is a conservative or two in there? Nope.

    I'm sure their mission statement clarifies this whole big misunderstanding and outlines the depth to which they will pursue data excellence and impartiality?

    To provide progressive organizations with the data and services needed to better identify, understand, and communicate with the people they need to persuade and mobilize.

    Crap, struck out again. Well let's look at the owners, the founders of a great and noble business, retained by our justice department to provide, well, you know, justice.

    Laura Quinn is a founder of Catalist, and has led the company since inception in 2006. Ms. Quinn has an extensive background in communications, technology and data innovation. She is a founding partner of QRS Newmedia, Inc. started in 1996, which specializes in communication technology design and integration services. QRS clients have included the DNC and every Democratic Presidential campaign from 1996 through 2008; a wide of range of progressive organizations and non-profits; and other corporate and academic institutions.

    Patricia Bauman is President of the Bauman Foundation. In recent years, the Foundation has supported civic participation through general support of organizations engaged in voter registration and outreach and election protection. She has also led policy efforts to foster public access to government information. She is also a real estate investor, and is active as a donor to Democratic candidates.

    Well, dang it, it seems like fairness can't get a fair shake around here can it? Justice may be blind, but she certainly knows when to take a peek from beneath her blindfold for Democrat causes doesn't she?

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