Thursday, September 20, 2012

Finally, A President I can trust!

So lets review. Obama and his State Department apologize to Muslims after the terrorist attack at the embassy in Egypt and attack on U.S. Consulate building in Libya. Then on the day of the terrorist attacks, Obama pops off the Las Vegas to fund-raise with a bunch of leftist fat cats, and take some turns shooting dice at the craps tables. While his Ambassador was missing, and by all accounts, being anally raped and tortured. All while the President of Libya says it wasn't the video - and there wasn't even protests before the Benghazi consulate was attacked. Sorry Jay Carney. 

For the last week, the Obama regime continued to deny that the attacks on Americans in Muslim countries were terrorism, and now we pay $70,000 to apologize to Pakistanis on their TV for the Youtube video.

You heard that right - we are paying to run an ad in Pakistan apologizing for the video that Obama said we have nothng to do with.

The ad features Obama talking about ‘religious tolerance’ and Hillary Clinton again begging and pleading with Muslims that the U.S. government had nothing to do with the Youtube video. All in an effort to not "rile up" the Muslims, who by all accounts are usually a calm, measured and insightful people.

Not to distract from the issue at hand - that in the most dangerous country in the world, on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, our Ambassador had no protection, and two ex Navy Seals, stationed there to protect the data and records threw themselves into the breach to protect the Ambassador. All while Valerie Jarrett vacations in Martha's Vineyard, a notorious hotbed of unrest and violence with EIGHT (8!) armed Secret Service agents and armored vehicles.

Obama has it right - the real issue is the video, and not the Obama administration's policies of appeasement in the middle east. Sure.

Finally it would appear that we have a President we can trust - unfortunately, he is the President of Libya.

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  1. I seriously felt ill when I saw the pics on the internet of what those a-holes did to our ambassador---sickening!! The 70,000 to Pakistan for an apology ad just shows how spineless Obama is. Those terrorists don't give a flying F about that--all they care about is obliterating Americans. It is truly frightening how this whole thing escalated....just over a video. Imagine what would happen if it was something more....