Saturday, July 21, 2012

If the Government Giveth, then they can also Taketh

Despite the efforts of libs to try and back pedal on what Obama said, there is, as many have pointed out a deeper meaning, backed up by an insidious plan.

Obama wishes us to believe that, because successful producers learned something from government teachers, used government roads and bridges, employed government research, and the like, this means they don’t really own their success or wealth, and that since government "gave" it to them, government can take it away.

Americans know full well that the government funds such things by forcibly confiscating the wealth of producers. Americans know full well that in many cases the "consumers" of the public services are in large part no the funders of such activities, and may in fact be consuming more than their "fair share" of these services - hence 37% food stamp usage and only 53% of Americans paying any income tax. Rational Americans also know that a bum is as free to use a government bridge as is a successful business owner, but the business owner chose to apply his intelligence and work hard to build something great. So that is how we got to where we are.

Why, then, does He spout such nonsense?

The purpose of Obama’s speech was NOT to present serious arguments about the causes of success in business, or even to congratule or motivate people to achieve success. Nay, Obama’s purpose was to give envious Americans the pretext they need to openly loathe those who have been successful—and to vote accordingly in order to get more from those that have produced.

If the successful didn’t really earn their success—and thus the wealth that comes with it—then there’s nothing wrong with “spreading their wealth around” to those who have not been so successful. If no one is responsible for his success, then no one has a right to the fruits of his success, and thus those who haven’t been successful have the same right to those fruits.

Further more - an here is the insidious and odious part of Obama's beliefs - if the successful resist the “noble” effort to redistribute what is “really” the community’s wealth, then they are at best racist, or at worst evil.

Make the connection friends - do you have a 401k? Well others don't and you should be compelled to share your financial acumen with them. It's only fair. Have a house? How about a special 3.8% tax on any sale profits. I know, those government wasn't there during any of the maintenance or home improvement weekends, but don't be greedy. Built a business to hand over to your children? It's not fair that you created that nest egg when others haven't been able to, so we're going to be taking about 50% of the value of that business. Fair and balanced, half for you - half for the have nots.

Friends - these are not inane ramblings - this is what is going to happen to you and I - all of us, should we waiver in our conviction to un-anoint Obama in November. Unlike previous selections, his agenda is laid bare before all of us.

E Plurisbus Misery.

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