Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sorry Wisconsin unions, no more government cheese for you!

Tuesday will be a pivotal moment in U.S. political and economic history.

The critical recall election in Wisconsin where union organizers and tax and spend Democrats are foolishly trying to recall governor Scott Walker in order to defend and expand their largesse is almost underway, and all polls point towards a win for freedom, economic viability, common sense and business ethics.

The hopes of employers and home owners who are always rooting for small government, a balanced budget and lower taxes lies in the balance, as they rally to protect their wallets from politicians who are beholden to union leaders who are beholden to their loutish and greedy members.Let's not ignore the other benefactors in this fight - students, working people and those that need assistance. More tax dollars, more jobs and less wasteful spending on no bid labor contracts (unions) means we can better protect those that need our help and more investment for those folks we believe in.Governor Walker, in taking an adverse position towards public sector trough unions in Wisconsin, has required union workers, who face no competion or risk in their jobs from competitors or economic downturn, to provide a reasonable amount of money for their luxurious health benefits and over the top retirement plans, and thereby reduced the burden on taxpayers, as well as reduced Wisconsin’s ability to borrow to fund unions and pork barrel projects.

Why is the recall effort insane?

In just his first year Walker has been able to balance the state budget and add jobs to Wisconsin’s economy.
When Walker wins, this election will be viewed as evidence that voters prefer the long term benefits of fiscal discipline and private sector growth to create jobs vs. continued forced investment in crony capitalism, union largesse and government sponsored beaurocratic waste.This vote is a direct tie in to the upcoming presidential election and many other state and local races. We have seen other states, like Ohio and Indiana, follow a similar course in balancing budgets the way Scott Walker has done in Wisconsin, with similar positive results.

As small business owners we see with our own eyes - and wallets - how public and entitlement spending and growing debt outstrip the goals of wealth creation and lead to confiscation of wealth through higher taxes and an irreversible course of higher debt and job losses.

Perhaps Democrats should begin drinking heavily now?

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