Sunday, May 27, 2012

New American Voting Sub Group Targets for 2012 Elections

In order to ensure that we stay informed as voters KC has created a tip sheet if you will that outlines the various target markets and their potential courtiers in the November general election. We may not see these names in the media, but the political spinsters over at both party HQs are DEFINITLEY putting plans in place for these demographics:

1. The Necro-Americans. Long a focus of the Democrat party, these voters reside largely in Chicago and rust belt cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. The Democrats like this group because other than a little up front Acorn style voter registration, these guys don't cost a lot of money to get in the bag. Or the box.

2. Dupli-Americans. Again, this sub group has long been a focus for the Democratic party, but they take a lot of work. Continued pressure must be made at the state and legislative levels to ensure that voter ID laws are removed and that races are not too close that any inspection of the results - and the 1,100 Ed Jones who voted brings any undue attention to this matter.

3. 53% - Americans - A new demographic, but an old target for the Replublicans. Targetting hard working people who pay ALLLLLLLLL of the taxes in this country in order to support the rest who don't, can't or won't work makes sense, but the trick is that this is a shrinking group. With the encouragement of the government, when 45 MILLION Americans are on foodstamps, your base of hard working targets seems to be shrinking fast.

4. ACLU - Americans - a small but powerful target demographic, these folks lack a lot of the voting power you would normally associate with a sub-group, but what they lack in numbers they make up for in pure "sand in the motor" value. The ACLU Americans ensure that OTHER Americans votes are suppressed by opposing laws that prevent voter fraud, voter intimidation and well, just plain old cheating. If I vote and my vote is negated by an opposing vote from a fraudelent voter, the ACLU-Americans have done their job. A favorite of the Democratic party for nearly 50 years, these folks work hand in hand with gov't to ensure that cases against Black Panthers for voter intimidation are rejected.

5. Uni-Americans - the Democrats have an all out focus on this group. These are the working people from 18-65 that are represented by unions that have been promised all kinds of favorable treatment by the government such as wage guarantees, excessive health benefits and job perqs, lifetime, cradle to grave financial care with rich pensions and shortened work weeks and mandated job creation taken from the private sector. In the old days, it was called "vote buying". Now days, it is just plain old "union support". This sector has some rough edges though - with less and less resources to give because the unions have bled manufacturers and the gov't and the states dry for years, more creative ways of ensuring the Uni-Americans vote democratic are required. Can anyone say "Public Sector Unions"?

6. Recall-Americans - a new group specifically targetted by Democrats is these folks who specialize in trying to get any forward progress made by responsible Republican leaders derailed. Essentailly if they don't like a result, they blame the system for "it be oppressin them". Recall governors, recount of ballots, repeal of laws, introduction of competing, nullifying legistlation, etc. etc. etc. A powerful group that only comes out a night to do their work.

7. 99 Percent Americans - specifically targetted by and supported by the Democrats these folks have led occupations, vandalism, sexual assaults, assaults and looting all across America. As the President said in reponse to the violence "hey, I understand where they are coming from", and when they stabbed a cop in Chicago, he never said a word except calling it an "expression of free speech". This is a tricky group to target because they are usually too stoned to vote or are in jail, but since - if we believe the media - they are just like 99% of Americans - it is a great group to target.

There you have it - KC does his best to educate the American Voter with the knowledge you need to vote for the candidate of your choice, even if you have to vote several times....