Wednesday, September 5, 2012

White House Recipe for Obama Beer and a Failed Presidency

So the White House, to much fanfare releases the "recipe" for their own micro brew that they apparently serve there. The recipe calls for Malt Extract and "Fuggles" Hop Pellets. I have attached same should you want to brew up a pot for your own consumption. Except if you sell it, then you will be arrested.

The White House has another recipe that unfortunately, they have been all too willing to share!

Recipe for a Failed Presidency

  • Take 40 months of above 8% unemployment
  • Add slowly the reduction of American's personal wealth by 40%
  • Whisk in 49.1% of the population taking gov't benefits of some kind
  • Add in 50% of the population paying no taxes
  • Dust with a multi-million $ GSA conference that highlights government waste
  • Blend with divisive politics ginned up to buy votes
  • Mix with $26 billion "invested" in GM union pensions at the peril of investors on the backs of taxpayers
  • Finally, add two Fiskars and a Solyndra and let ferment for 4 years

And you will make yourself the best batch of Failed Presidency ever. Obama style.

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